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Our Story

    Husband and wife co-owners Melissa and Jeff Otto started their first company in 2011, Pawsitively Perfect Pooches. Initially conceived simply as a positive reinforcement dog training company, the Otto’s soon discovered their clients, both two and four-legged, needed more. Over the past nine years, they expanded the business to offer private dog walks and group hikes. Turns out, the need for a truly customer focused boutique walking and hiking service was greater than they ever could have expected. In 2019, They formed Best Pet Services, Inc. and Best Dog Walks to add simplicity and clearer focus to the services offered. 


    Pawsitively Perfect Pooches continues to offer top-rated positive reinforcement private dog training while Best Dog Walks offers a unique, boutique walking experience that clients love including private walks and small group hikes. All Best Dog Walks services are GPS-tracked, featuring a detailed update complete with a client-customizable checklist and provided by our vetted, insured, bonded and thoroughly trained team of expert handlers. 


                                MORE THAN JUST A NAME


    We believe a name should be more than just a clever pun (admittedly, we’re guilty of that as well). We strive to offer the absolute best customer experience for man and man’s best friend alike. That’s why Best Dog Walks offer a one week free trial to experience our services. If you have any hesitation or simply can’t decide between us and another service, we invite you to kick the tires (and get your pooch some exercise in the process). Click here to set up your free trial!

Meet Our Team!


Melissa Otto

I've been training pooches for most of my life. I've always had a connection with these majestic companions. I feel so so fortunate to be able to turn it into a career. It's been a long road from training in 4-H to an apprenticeship with a top Los Angeles trainer, but the end result is incredibly rewarding. Now I get to spend my days working with my family and hanging out with dogs in sunny SoCal! 

Jeff Otto

It's been a long and winding road to co-running the best training and walking businesses around with my amazing wife Melissa. Like many, I originally moved to the City of Angels to pursue a career in film and spent a decade working as a film critic and photographer. Once Melissa started training, I helped out with pet photography work and eventually joined the business full time. Now I have the privilege of spending my days with pooches and my family and I feel blessed each and every day. 


Our Incredible Team!

Lynn Crawford

Sal Kumar

Brett Lietz

Additional Team Members (Bio Videos coming soon!)
Tina Link-black
Tess Speranza
Edwin Malera
Allie Llamas
Nicki Walsh

(C) Best Pet Services, LLC 2019

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